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Inauguration of the Integrated Geographical Information System (GIS)

This is truly a powerful tool that shall shape the future of our county This system is not just a technological innovation; it is a commitment to better governance, informed decisions, and the improved well-being of our people.GIS provides us with valuable insights into the complex challenges that our county faces. From land management and…

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Livestock markets

Livestock markets As a preparatory meeting to bring together all the stakeholders and devise a plan to ensure livestock markets are active, LMS has today hosted Directors, Chief officers, and CECs from the following line departments;• Livestock production• Veterinary• Revenue• Trade• Cooperatives• Decentralized unitCEC Farah Saman asked all the stakeholders to work together seamlessly to…

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Gynaecological Camp

Gynaecological Camp The first lady of WajirCounty, Her Excellency Mama Rukia, organised a free five-day gynaecological camp, which came to an end today.The programme, which was created to meet the pressing need for affordable and accessible reproductive healthcare, resulted in 42 successful procedures. Additionally, 678 women were treated.During the week-long camp, women and young girls…

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H.E. Rukia Abdinasir’s Banquet

H.E. Rukia Abdinasir’s Banquet The first lady of Wajir County, H.E. Rukia Abdinasir, organised a banquet to thank the medical professionals who organised a free week-long gynaecological camp that ended the pain of our mothers and daughters.The team included our own doctors and healthcare professionals as well as medical professionals from African Mission Healthcare Workers.They…

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Security situation in the border counties between Kenya and Somalia.

The leadership of the North Eastern and Lamu counties visited Wajir town to deliberate on the security situation in the border counties between Kenya and Somalia.To prepare ourselves for the current border security challenges, it was vital to reconsider the security strategy and to come together as the county authorities and security agencies.As the political…

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Disbursement of KES 59,750,000 targeting 239 groups

It was a proud day for our County as we launched the disbursement of KES 59,750,000 targeting 239 groups, each receiving KES 250,000, equivalent to 4,785 households and KES 25 million micro-projects grants which will be utilized by 3,700 beneficiaries (organized into 185 Common Interest Groups (CIGs) under the Emergency Locust Response Program (ELRP).Wajir County…

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