Prospecting Minerals

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Prospecting Minerals

Mining: Limestone, Oil and Precious stones

In 1912, Wajir had been earmarked as a suitable location for a cement factory as it sits on massive deposits of limestone. Local entrepreneurs are already tapping into this resource, albeit using outdated methods, by crudely burning the limestone and producing whitewash which is then mixed with sand and used for construction. This method produces a crude but effective and cheap cement variety. This cement has been used by the local communities for over a century as witnessed by old town houses and mosques still in existence.

The establishment of a cement factory is an excellent investment opportunity. However, it dependent on the production of sufficient megawatts of electricity which in itself forms another lucrative investment opportunity.

The factory will supply the industry’s expanding export market that experienced an average growth rate of 14.2% for the period 2006 –2011. This demand can only rise with upcoming investments in road, rail through LAPPSET and emergent industries and cities along the corridor.

Figure 1: Cement Imports vs. Exports

Studies indicate presence of oil and precious stones in Wajir. Africa Oil is on site setting up camp to begin exploration. Four sites are under exploration;

  1. East of Harar
  2. Tarbaj
  3. Hanjera
  4. Sala

Partnership in this area will start with comprehensive feasibility studies to establish prospects of oil, water, precious stones among other minerals.

Other areas of investment in the sector include;

  1. Bottled mineral water
  2. Neem production and processing